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We have a great Ham & Beans Family Meal deal on this rainy day! You get 2 quarts of ham & beans, cornbread, slaw and 5 cookies for $20! You can't be that!

In our Heat 'N Eat case, we have baked ziti, chicken noodle soup, beef stew and tomato basil soup. New stuff is going in all the time, so check in later this afternoon to see what we add. We can do a meal of baked ziti, a side house or Caesar salad, garlic bread and a cookie for $10. Great dinner option! Soups are $4 a pint.

A new item available in our case is 8 ounce smoked pork chops from Weeneman Meat Co., $3.50 each. They are ready for you to put them on the grill or in your oven. So good and so tender!


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