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Yes We're Open (But wait, there's more!)

Customer: We kept driving past wondering when you were opening.

Me: Yes, it was a slow building process but we've been open since April.

Customer: Really?!? I had no idea you were open that long.


While we've had this conversation with many of our customers, it's a conversation we've been happy to have. Our store is up and running, but we are not done! See, while all you lovely customers have been getting our name out and enjoying some of our treats (Thank you Customers!) we have been vigorously working on our final building projects.

For customers who are new to our shop, you may not know that we have been open since 2004 and have relocated, now 4 times. One Hot Cookie started in St. Louis, where Sarah Lavender-Brashear opened their first shop. They later moved to Marion, then to Logan Street in Murphysboro. Now, we have opened our shop at 1290 Business Hwy 13 (North 14th St.) in Murphysboro! We are open for business and have been for a while now and we are so excited to be serving lunches now Wednesday-Friday.

Some Upcoming Events

While our store is up and running, cookies are bakin', lunches are makin', we still have a few tasks to accomplish.

1. We are working on setting up our drive thru window! We are ecstatic to be opening our drive thru soon for your convenience!

2. Finishing our Driveway. The rain this summer hasn't exactly helped us with speeding along the process of getting our driveway smoothed out like we hope to. But in the coming months, it's going to happen!

3. Memorial Garden. For many of the folks who've lived in Murphysboro for their life, they know Sarah and her mother Karen. They also remember Sarah's beloved father known as Purp. Sarah plans to create a beautiful memorial garden with the truck he used to drive, a water source, and flags to honor Veterans.

While the details for these projects continue, the baking goes on! These next two weeks are going to be exciting ones for you guys, as we are bringing back our chicken and dumplings this coming week and the week following...CHRISTMAS (in July of course)!

Can't wait to see you in the shop!

- One Hot Cookie Staff

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