Gourmet Cookies & Hot Boxes

You may not know this, but One Hot Cookie is much more than just $1.00 homemade cookies! Yes, we do serve lunches and we do cater as well. But some of the desserts and unique treats we make are some of the best gift ideas you can imagine! Gourmet Cookies Unless you are a long-term customer, you probably don't realize all the delight packed into our gourmet cookies. The Extreme Cookie is a chocolate chip cookie, covered in buttercream, dipped in heath pieces and drizzled with chocolate and caramel. Our Turtle Cookie is our Love of Chocolate Cookie topped with a scoop of caramel, sprinkled with nuts, and drizzled with chocolate! Finally, our PMS (Pretty Much Scrumptious) Cookie is our fam

Get Cozy!

Winter has opened its frosty white gates and dropped all of it's frozen glory on us...here's to a couple months of never being warm, constantly staying indoors, and tons and tons of coffee! At One Hot Cookie, we strive to keep everything...well...hot! So be watching for all the reasons you may need to get out of the house and have a warm treat! SOUPS ON! Of course we have soups on a weekly basis for lunch! But, because of the cold weather, be expecting to see more soup options every week! Did you also know that you can call and order the day before and we can prepare soup for as many people as you need! Pint, quart 1/2 gallon, and gallon sizes are available for any soup that we have! This

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