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Apples, Autumn, & America

Apple season has hit Southern Illinois! That means fall leaves, bonfires, and the Apple Festival! So, what has One Hot Cookie done to prepare for such events? I believe it's easier to ask, "What haven't they done?" We are ready! Apples, s'mores, coffee, and hot chocolate are just some of the amazing treats heading your way!


If you like apples...WATCH OUT! One Hot Cookie has just about anything apple you could possibly want! This week, we have made our famous cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of apples, decorated with butter cream and royal icing. We also made these adorable Apple Cake Balls, perfect bite-sized balls of cake and icing covered in chocolate! Also, for you customers who have been waiting ALL YEAR, our famous, Soft & Chewy Oatmeal, Caramel Apple Cookies are BACK! They are already flying out of the bakery case so call in and order them while you still can!

Autumn (Lunch Time!)

Our Gourmet Salads have changed with the season! Come in for a Greek Salad topped with tomatoes, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, salamis, and Greek Dressing. It makes for a delightful lunch. But, if you thought we were done with apples, well, you were wrong! Apple Harvest Salads are topped with apples, craisins, chicken,praline pecans, white cheddar cheese, and a raspberry walnut vinaigrette! Yum!


As Veterans' Day quickly approaches, so does the finishing of our Memorial Garden. This week, we were able to get some more flowers, rocks, and electricity out to the area. We also got our beautiful bench! Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the final product!

Special shout out to Melissa Flemming, Christine Mize, and Maura Lee for their awesome Facebook comments!

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