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December Savings

December is already here! And if you procrastinated at all on your Christmas shopping, you're probably panicking right about now. Don't worry though, once the shopping commences, the only problem left to solve is what to get those people that have everything...or worse...what to get your in-laws!


Gift baskets seem easy enough but what about adding a little something special. Specialty coffees and teas are available for the hot drink fanatic. We suggest trying the new lavender teas made right down the road in Cobden, IL. Shawnee Hills Lavender does an amazing job creating flavored loose leaf teas. Some flavors that we carry include Earl Grey (decaf too), Vanilla Lavender, Passion Peach Lavender, and Raspberry Lavender! These make for a perfectly unique addition to a gift basket. Don't forget gift certificates are available as well, and everyone loves picking out their own cookies!


While we can create some pretty extravagant looking baskets and wrapped trays, remember to come to us for the little things too! What do we have? Well, it's more of a question of "What don't we have?" Stocking Stuffers? Yep. Five Dollar Gifts? Tons! Decorative Pieces? Oh Yeah! In fact, if you're in need of a quick sweet treat gift, we have a Grab-N-Go Christmas table set up just for you! Pre-wrapped boxes of hot chocolates, fudges, and wrapped trays of Christmas cookies! These are the perfect quick gifts for those people you need to remember to grab something for (or the person you forgot and told them you still had to go "pick up their gift..." Yeah, we know what you did...).

Oh Yeah! Don't Forget!

Nothing is more difficult than trying to ship something out of state. Did you know that One Hot Cookie will ship our cookies anywhere?!?! Yes! ANYWHERE! You come in and order the cookies you want. Then we will wrap them all up and get them shipped out for you! No Hassle for you! If you're looking to give a gift locally but can't seem to find the time, we deliver as well! Murphysboro and Carbondale region is a $10 minimum. Anywhere outside this area is usually a $35 minimum. And don't forget all those pesky potlucks coming up! Check out our catering menu or give us a call and order a side dish worthy of all potlucks with no hassle on your part! Simply pick it up and take it with you (please remember, this must be done in advance!).

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