Kids Take Over the Kitchen?!

Don't worry, we didn't let the bakery kids take over!  But, letting your kids take over the kitchen is a national holiday on September 13th!  We know, the thought of children using hot stoves and sharp knives is a little unnerving.  But, what if letting your kids cook with you actually benefits their health? Basic Math Skills I remember struggling with fractions in school math.  I found it difficult to comprehend, but using fractions when my mom and I baked Christmas cookies was no problem at all!  Why?  You can see the fraction in front of you.  Visual learning is something that a large quantity of children benefit from and for math, or fractions, baking is probably the best visual learning

Apples, Autumn, & America

Apple season has hit Southern Illinois! That means fall leaves, bonfires, and the Apple Festival! So, what has One Hot Cookie done to prepare for such events? I believe it's easier to ask, "What haven't they done?" We are ready! Apples, s'mores, coffee, and hot chocolate are just some of the amazing treats heading your way! Apples! If you like apples...WATCH OUT! One Hot Cookie has just about anything apple you could possibly want! This week, we have made our famous cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of apples, decorated with butter cream and royal icing. We also made these adorable Apple Cake Balls, perfect bite-sized balls of cake and icing covered in chocolate! Also, for you custome

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