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Kids Take Over the Kitchen?!

Don't worry, we didn't let the bakery kids take over!  But, letting your kids take over the kitchen is a national holiday on September 13th!  We know, the thought of children using hot stoves and sharp knives is a little unnerving.  But, what if letting your kids cook with you actually benefits their health?  

Basic Math Skills

I remember struggling with fractions in school math.  I found it difficult to comprehend, but using fractions when my mom and I baked Christmas cookies was no problem at all!  Why?  You can see the fraction in front of you.  Visual learning is something that a large quantity of children benefit from and for math, or fractions, baking is probably the best visual learning tool ever, they use math skills to bake and get a treat when it's all over with!

Confidence Boost!

Where do kids get their confidence? How about their self-esteem? The best answer for this that I've found is reassurance.  When a child comes home from school and tells you about that A+ paper it's because they want to hear the 'good job,' or the 'I'm so proud of you.'  What's even more important to kids, younger especially, is telling friends new skills they have.  Cooking with them gives them the ability to feel accomplished in something new and maybe spark a new interest or talent!

Trying New Things

Having a picky eater is a difficult situation, and while some kids are just picky because they want to be, others are very anxious about trying new things.  But, cooking with mom or dad can create a new view on food for a kid.  When they watch some of their favorite foods come together to make a new food it reassures them that it is safe to try.  Having an anxious or picky child help you cook something new gives them more control over new foods.  This control can give them just enough will power to try something new!


Between school, work, and extracurricular activities, it's hard to find time to enjoy family company.  But, chances are you'll be able to have at least one meal together.  Take that opportunity to share with your kids some amazing skills, recipes, and love.

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