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Our Plans for Thanksgiving Week

**Today we will have limited items in our cold case. Stop by or give us a call to see what we have!

During this Thanksgiving week, One Hot Cookie is going to be a busy, busy place! We have several outside caterings scheduled, pick up orders for Thanksgiving meals and some one time large orders that will go out the doors. In light of this, we are going to change things up during this week. If these changes work for everyone, we may make some of them permanent, at least through the holidays. Stay tuned to see…

Monday 11/22/21 & Tuesday 11/23/21 **Open for shopping our gift items and bakery items **Closed for ordering in lunches **We will have lunch items available in our cold case --sandwiches --salads --soups --our traditional heat n eat entrees --All are available for you to grab and go, have them delivered (hot or cold) or served in house (hot or cold). We will not be serving lunches ordered off the menu.

Wednesday 11/24/2021 --All of the above will be available --Pick up for Thanksgiving Dinner orders 1 pm to 4 pm

Thursday 11/25/2021 Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday 11/26/2021 Closed for a large outside catering

Saturday 11/27/2021 Closed for a large outside catering

Sunday 11/28/2021 Closed

Monday 11/29/2021 through Saturday 12/04/2021 --Open for business --Look for holiday information to come

Thank you for your support, cooperation and understanding!


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