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Get Cozy!

Winter has opened its frosty white gates and dropped all of it's frozen glory on's to a couple months of never being warm, constantly staying indoors, and tons and tons of coffee! At One Hot Cookie, we strive to keep! So be watching for all the reasons you may need to get out of the house and have a warm treat!

SOUPS ON! Of course we have soups on a weekly basis for lunch! But, because of the cold weather, be expecting to see more soup options every week! Did you also know that you can call and order the day before and we can prepare soup for as many people as you need! Pint, quart 1/2 gallon, and gallon sizes are available for any soup that we have!

This week is Chicken & Dumplings Week! At this time of year with the weather being the way it is, chicken and dumplings seem to hit the spot for just about everyone! Brandi Wilcox commented on Facebook to thank us for the delicious dumplings this week as well as Carol Wehmeyer who said, "Got the Family Meal of chicken & dumplings today!! Had enough for my grandson & I for lunch, & still enough for supper for us plus my daughter. I'll probably still be eating them tomorrow. This was such a great deal; dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans, slaw, gravy, rolls, & dessert. Everything was DELICIOUS!!!" We also received another 5 star rating from Becky Bess Stokes. Thank you all for your kind feedback and comments!

With Valentines Day coming up, keep One Hot Cookie in mind! Deals will be coming and you won't want to miss them! Subscribe to our mailing list on our website so you never miss a deal again!

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