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Congratulations to our Winner!

Murphysboro, IL has been a hopping place this December! From the cookie walk to the pajama party, the Unique Shops have been in the Christmas spirit! At One Hot Cookie, our baking hands have been rapidly at work, and are soon to be working harder because we gave away cookies for a year!

DID YOU KNOW: A tray of cookies and a gallon or two of milk makes a perfect Christmas gift for those people that need reminded their thought of during the holidays...doctors, teachers, employees, colleagues, the local post office, town hall, or the police and fire departments!

Special events call for specials! That's why One Hot Cookie set up a drawing to win free cookies for a year! This means a dozen cookies every month for a year! To make things fair, we asked a group of ladies who had come in for lunch if they would do the honors in drawing a name. WE HAVE A WINNER!

We would like to congratulate Kelly Catalano! Kelley had stopped by with friends and family all the way from Christopher. She'd heard about the special events on Facebook and decided to venture over! Little did she know she'd be coming back to claim free cookies!

DID YOU KNOW: We can deliver fresh, hot cookies to your doorstep?!?!

Thank you to all who have come and participated in our special events these past few weekends. We appreciate your business and can't wait to see you again!

DID YOU KNOW: Last minute Christmas gifts are one of our many specialties, so give us a call!

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