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Mystery Cookie Decorating!

Here at One Hot Cookie we have a plethora of services for you! From desserts to full service meals, we do it all. We also do our unique gifts, lunches, and our special meeting room. We've been setting up our meeting room for family, church, friend, and organization gatherings. Here recently, this has taken off and has been a huge hit! One group, in particular came in and had quite an interesting bit of fun.


A few weeks back The Shawnee Quilters called to reserve our meeting room for their group. They wanted to get together and have lunch and dessert, so we took dessert to a new level! The One Hot Cookie Staff set everything up for them to be able to decorate their own cookies. Cut-out sugar cookies were baked, cooled, and themed especially for the quilters, of course, with needles, spools, and a mystery cookie! Whoever guessed and decorated the mystery cookie best won a small prize! These ladies did a fantastic job!They quickly realized that a simple shaped cookie without decorations results in endless possibilities!

Their "mystery cookie" was, in fact, supposed to be a quilt! However, there were some beautiful flags, ornaments, and other designs that were created. Jane McLaughlin was the winner of the decorating contest, creating an awesome quilt.


If you're interested in doing something like this, give us a call, message us on Facebook, or contact us on our website! Whether it's a family bonding experience, a birthday party, or an organization, you can't go wrong with cookie decorating!

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